Saturday, November 29, 2008

100 Things About Me

1. I’m a Leo
2. I was born in the year of the Dragon
3. I think the Leo/Dragon combo is super cool
4. I have 2 dogs - Vik and Taco
5. I love them more than anyone or anything in the whole world
6. I have been doing techie computer things my entire career. Right now my focus is security.
7. I’m an introvert, and spend a lot of time processing life.
8. I’m a serious driver. Not aggressive, but when I get behind the wheel, I’m on a mission, and like to get to my destination promptly and efficiently. (Thank you for getting out of my way).
9. I need ample quiet time to recharge my batteries.
10. I hate the telephone.
11. I love going for long walks.
12. I play a hand-held yahtzee game every night in bed before I go to sleep.
13. I love goals, plans, and lists.
14. I like the world to be black or white. All or nothing. Shades of grey and in between make me crazy.
15. I’m a night owl, and hate going to bed at night. However, I would like to take numerous naps throughout the day.
16. My favorite place to go is the off-leash park.
17. The first thing I do every morning is have an intense snuggle session with my dogs.
18. I love dogs much more than humans. They are so real, true and simple. Humans are so complex.
19. My favorite food is Hawaiian pizza, with thick chewy crust.
20. I love warm drinks. I find them very comforting.
21. I treasure my alone time (alone with my dogs).
22. I treasure time spent with friends who I have a real connection and bond with.
23. I love to watch TV shows and movies that make me think (like medical and crime investigations).
24. I have a short attention span, and have a hard time sitting through movies. By the one hour mark I start to twitch.
25. I play the piano, clarinet and saxophone.
26. I taught piano lessons for quite a few years.
27. I love to bathe the dogs, change the bedding, then shower myself and go to bed. The cleanliness and freshness is heavenly.
28. Salty or sweet? Definitely sweet!
29. I go for a massage at least once a month.
30. I have chronic neck pain. I have been told I carry the weight of the world in my shoulders.
31. I would love to quit my job and work in animal rescue full time
32. Both of my dogs are rescues. Rescuing a pet is always the best choice IMHO.
33. I love doing arts and craftsy stuff, and should really do more of it.
34. I love the internet and can’t imagine life without it.
35. I can go for weeks without watching TV.
36. I’m not close with my family. I wish I had a loving and nurturing family, but I don’t. I came to terms with that a long time ago.
37. I’m a very loving and nurturing person. I love to care for people who I hold close to my heart, and I would fight to the death for them.
38. I don’t hold many close to my heart. Many have shown they don’t deserve it.
39. I’m very deep and complex, and have been told I have an old soul.
40. My Psychologist told me I’m a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP).
41. I don’t like crowds or noise.
42. I consider myself to be a wee bit on the boring side.
43. I love the outdoors, and love to go hiking and camping.
44. I hate road trips. Being stuck in a vehicle for more than an hour drives me nutty.
45. I hate flying. I’m not scared of planes; I just can’t stand the whole process involved in getting ON and OFF the plane.
46. I can be extremely impatient.
47. I love meeting new people who I really ‘click’ with.
48. I love it when people ‘get’ me, and I ‘get’ them.
49. I’m kind of an only child. My half brother is 13 years older than me.
50. I love to clean, and get a thrill out of having a clean house. Sad, I know.
51. Big surprise here – I’m on medication because I have anxiety.
52. I hate swimming in the ocean. Can’t stand the salt water.
53. I’m not a good swimmer. I had a bad experience with an awful swimming instructor when I was a kid. I was scared of the diving tanks, but he forced me to jump off the driving board. I got disoriented in the water and didn’t know which way was up. I’ve been scared of deep water ever since.
54. I wear contacts. I first had to get glasses when I was 8.
55. I love to color in coloring books. I find it calming.
56. I love rain storms with thunder and lightening when I’m inside all nice and cozy.
57. I am always cold. Therefore I’d love it if it could be 30 degrees every day of the year.
58. I used to have a house cleaner, but let her go because she didn’t measure up to my standards of cleanliness. I’m happier if I just do it myself.
59. In school, I always did most of the work on group projects. I hated group projects.
60. I enjoy working on a team, but like having my own work to do. I like collaborating.
61. Relying on other people makes me uncomfortable. It has been my experience that 9 times out of 10; the only person I can truly depend on is myself.
62. I have a strong desire to give to those less fortunate.
63. I hate to cook, but love to bake. I don’t bake often though, because I have no will power when it comes to sweet stuff, and I’d eat it all.
64. I don’t have kids. We tried for a few years, tried fertility treatments but stopped. Now we’re just in limbo. After all that has happened, and the fact that I’m in my 30’s now, I question if I want kids anymore.
65. If I did want a child, I think I would like to adopt. The idea of helping a child in need feels like the right choice.
66. I have never broken a bone.
67. I usually only swear if I’m really mad.
68. I rarely drink alcohol. Maybe once a year. I hate the taste of it. If I do drink, you can pretty much rest assured that I plan on really letting loose. (i.e. Get drunk). When this happens, I’ll likely be drinking shooters. Shooters get me to the desired result quicker, and requires me to drink less.
69. I value honesty above all else in relationships.
70. I wouldn’t want to be married to me. I’m way too intense.
71. I would love to be friends with me. I think I make a wonderful friend.
72. My dogs help me appreciate the little things in life, and I love them so much for that.
73. I have never heard my mom tell me she loves me. Ever.
74. My childhood best friend developed cancer in junior high. She had surgeries, chemotherapy and physiotherapy, and was able to beat it. It has never come back and she now has a wonderful family and 2 handsome boys. I’m very proud of her.
75. I’m quite sarcastic with a dry sense of humor.
76. I can’t stand Leslie Nielsen movies, especially any of the Naked Guns.
77. My biggest fear is that I’ll die and be forgotten. I want to make a big difference in the world before I die. That is my life goal.
78. If I became fabulously rich, I wouldn’t buy fancy cars and houses. I would volunteer, travel to 3rd world countries, help children, rescue and aid animals, and do as much ‘good’ with my money as I possibly could.
79. If I had to live on a deserted island, and could bring only 3 things, I would bring my dogs, and my computer (of course the island would have electricity & internet, right?)
80. I love learning about Sociology and Psychology.
81. I plan on making a Life List soon.
82. Until I was 6 years old, I would not answer to anything except ‘Kitty’. I had watched a Christmas movie with a girl named Kitty in it and thought she was so neat, I changed my name right then and there.
83. I often put things in ‘safe’ places where I’ll remember where to find them, but then promptly forget where these places are.
84. My favorite color is blue. I have a blue/green personality.
85. I love to sing.
86. I have never done karaoke.
87. I have never been to a rock/pop type of concert.
88. I have been to MANY choir, band, and orchestral concerts.
89. Symmetry is VERY important to me.
90. I hate shopping. I make an exception for online shopping though. It feels like online shopping was designed especially for me.
91. I have braces and will likely require LeFort jaw surgery.
92. I am very honest and blunt. I can’t stand fake people, people without a backbone, or people who sugar-coat everything.
93. I hate it when people complain continually about the same thing, but do nothing to resolve the cause of the complaint (i.e. My mother)
94. I have massive amounts of thick, course, wavy/curly hair. I go through cycles of growing it very long, then hacking it off out of annoyance and boredom.
95. I didn’t play any sports in school, and have never played any since. I detest team sports. I don’t even like doing fitness classes at the gym. I thrive on doing these things on my own. I like to do things my way and at my own speed.
96. I wasn’t allowed to have pets as a kid, and didn’t get my first dog until I was in my 20’s.
97. I have been in love with dogs ever since.
98. I have a strong dislike for withdrawn and anti-social cats. I only like cats if they have dog-like personalities.
99. I consider myself to have a cat-like personality.
100. I think my love of dogs provides the yin to my yang.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Spacers Are In!

I went into Dr. A's office yesterday to get spacers (8 to be exact) put in between my back teeth. My teeth are SO tight, the girl had a hell of a time getting them in. She ended up calling in back-up help for one of the elastics, and the back-up help ended up jimmying a wire spacer because the elastic spacer There was some blood shed (I have very sensitive gums), and it took them twice as long as it was supposed to. Supposed to be done in 10 minutes, but it took 20. Not fun, but not horrendous either. The good thing, is that come Monday when I get my braces on, it will be much easier due to the space the spacers will have created for the ligatures to go around my back teeth.

A couple of hours after the spacers were put in, they were really driving me crazy. A little sore, but overall just really annoying. Ya know when you have a chunk of something stuck in your teeth, and if you can't get it out right away, it drives you nuts? Well imagine that x 8. The elastics stick up a bit, so that when I bite down, the top and bottom elastics meet in a sponging elasticy way. Makes me want to grind my teeth. My teeth are tender today. I could really use a gum massage!

Liquid Advil is my best friend, and I'm betting it will continue to be for the next, oh, 2 years!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Can't Hardly Wait

The newest issue of Modern Dog arrived in my mailbox today. The cover reminded me Marley & Me is finally opening soon! December 25th to be exact. I read the book this past summer and loved it. I laughed and I cried. After watching the movie trailer, it looks like I could be laughing and crying through the movie too. Vik was barking at my monitor while I was watching the trailer. I'm thinking I might have to buy it on DVD down the road when it's released. Vik loves to watch dogs on the tv. He follows them around on the screen and looks for them around the sides of the tv if they disappear. If they bark, he thinks they're in the speakers. He's not a guy who is easily entertained (unlike Taco), so it's entertaining to watch him get so interested and perplexed by something so seemingly simple.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Amazing camera

I'm pretty impressed with the camera on my new BB Curve. I think I'll be more successful keeping my blog up to date now that I can post right from my BB.

One drawback's a work BB, so everytime I email to my blog, there's a company auto signature on everything I send, and I can't turn it off. I'll just have to log into Blogger and delete it after the fact.

SMRT that's me!

Apparently, I'm unbelievably smart :-)

How smart am I.....?

Testing, testing, one, two, three...

Checking to see if I'm smart enough to figure out how to take a pic with my new BB and post right to Blogger.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Ahhhh Saturday

Well, it's official. This neighborhood has a LOT of kids. We went through 150+ chocolate bars before 7:30pm last night. I hated to turn off the lights and be all grinchy, but we were out of candy! This year, because of the dogs, I decided to just put a bowl of candy on the front step. The dogs would have lost their minds if all those costumed kids were ringing the doorbell all night. Which could be another reason why we went through so much candy so quickly. My 'take one' sign could have been misconstrued to mean take 'one' handful, or take 'one' for everyone in my family. Oh well. The money I likely saved in doggy psychologist bills was worth it.

We started our day off with a big hike at Nose Hill Park this morning, which is always very enjoyable. I can't believe it's November 1, and the weather is so gorgeous. Definitely still shorts and t-shirt weather. It's usually snowing and miserable by Halloween. I'm going to have to remember to pull out my camera tomorrow and take some pics on our walk.

I had a chemical peel yesterday, and my face is so dry and itchy and angry today. It should start peeling any time now. It's a pain in the butt, and kinda uncomfortable, but results are worth it. I had one done about a year ago, and my face honestly felt softer than a baby's butt afterward! I was going to take before and after pics, but dammit I forgot! Maybe I'll just do during and after pics instead.