Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Can't Hardly Wait

The newest issue of Modern Dog arrived in my mailbox today. The cover reminded me Marley & Me is finally opening soon! December 25th to be exact. I read the book this past summer and loved it. I laughed and I cried. After watching the movie trailer, it looks like I could be laughing and crying through the movie too. Vik was barking at my monitor while I was watching the trailer. I'm thinking I might have to buy it on DVD down the road when it's released. Vik loves to watch dogs on the tv. He follows them around on the screen and looks for them around the sides of the tv if they disappear. If they bark, he thinks they're in the speakers. He's not a guy who is easily entertained (unlike Taco), so it's entertaining to watch him get so interested and perplexed by something so seemingly simple.

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Lori said...

Oddly, I haven't read Marley & Me, because I know Marley dies at the end... and I can't STAND it! Won't see the movie either, but still love the author, who reminds us all how deep our bonds can be with our dogs, and how they bring magic to our lives.