Saturday, November 01, 2008

Ahhhh Saturday

Well, it's official. This neighborhood has a LOT of kids. We went through 150+ chocolate bars before 7:30pm last night. I hated to turn off the lights and be all grinchy, but we were out of candy! This year, because of the dogs, I decided to just put a bowl of candy on the front step. The dogs would have lost their minds if all those costumed kids were ringing the doorbell all night. Which could be another reason why we went through so much candy so quickly. My 'take one' sign could have been misconstrued to mean take 'one' handful, or take 'one' for everyone in my family. Oh well. The money I likely saved in doggy psychologist bills was worth it.

We started our day off with a big hike at Nose Hill Park this morning, which is always very enjoyable. I can't believe it's November 1, and the weather is so gorgeous. Definitely still shorts and t-shirt weather. It's usually snowing and miserable by Halloween. I'm going to have to remember to pull out my camera tomorrow and take some pics on our walk.

I had a chemical peel yesterday, and my face is so dry and itchy and angry today. It should start peeling any time now. It's a pain in the butt, and kinda uncomfortable, but results are worth it. I had one done about a year ago, and my face honestly felt softer than a baby's butt afterward! I was going to take before and after pics, but dammit I forgot! Maybe I'll just do during and after pics instead.

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Dot O said...

You must post some more pics of the Taco and your other dog. Yes, the "take one" sign generally doesn't work around here. My friends tried it a couple years ago and I think the kid thought it was "take the one bowl of candy" because all of their candy was gone within a few minutes as evidenced by the other kids on the block her went over and found it empty.

Glad you've good good weather in Canada. We are having gorgeous weather this weekend too.

Take care and happy twittering!